Samantha Massage Parlour Review

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Samantha’s massage Parlour

Samantha’s massage parlour in Manchester is a practical and functional site, not too much effort has been made on the design of the website however it is informative if not enticing. Once you get past the entry page the rest of the site is simple and tidy. A straightforward welcome message greets the visitor and then gets straight down to business with further details of the Manchester parlour which is located in Didsbury.

The text on this page goes on to give assurances of discretion and notes the fact that no bookings are necessary however bookings can be made if necessary and then gives clear instructions on the procedure.

Samantha’s Massage parlour has a good selection of ladies who each have their own information page. Information regarding the lady’s statistics and looks can be seen here as well as the best part – the specialities. These are listed very openly for each lady so you can choose the masseuse of your choice depending on looks and speciality provided however it does state that these specialities are completely at the lady’s own discretion. The profile pages also come complete with a good number of images however these take so long to load that for the first couple we clicked on, we didn’t think there were any images so patience is definitely needed here. That being said, once finally loaded, it is worth the wait as all the images are of good quality and clearly professionally taken. There are 15 girls in total with 4 working in the parlour every day.

 Rooms and facilities

On the website, the only images we could find of the rooms and accommodation was a single room, reception, ensuite and the entrance. This did indeed look unprepossessing and unlikely to bring any undue attention to itself from the outside which is a plus point for visitors.

Rooms were clean and fairly spacious, if a little bare. A mirror might be a nice touch and orange is never a restful colour however they do have ensuite facilities which looked clean and well maintained. There did only seem to be one room in the Didsbury parlour so with the no appointment necessary policy you could find at times that you are waiting however they state that they have 4 girls working each day so possibly there are other rooms they haven’t mentioned.

Samantha’s Didsbury Massage parlour is situated in the basement of a large victorian house and benefits from a large and safe car park.

Price & Location

Prices are clearly stated on the website with details of standard service, 2 girl service and extras. This is an unusual move to state this so openly however the prices do seem in line with other competitors in the area. A standard service for 30 minutes is just £50 rising by increments of £25 every 15 minutes, so £100 per hour. 2 girl service starts from £90 for 30 minutes rising to £190 for a full hour. The extras include such services as domination/humiliation.’O’ without, ‘o’ without to completion, ‘A’ levels and watersports and the add on prices are very low and definitely won’t break the bank.


Overall this is an informative site which gives you a good feel for the parlour and the ladies working in it. It may not be the most imaginatively designed however the focus of the site is very much on the service provided to clients by the ladies at Samantha’s massage parlour.

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