Professional Girlfriends Escort Agency Review

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Professional Girlfriends review

If it is your first visit to the Professional Girlfriends website you may be forgiven for thinking it was the online presence of a magazine. It is not immediately obvious where the galleries of all the escorts are and one could be mistaken in thinking that the small band of profiles displayed at the top of the page was the entire professional girlfriend’s portfolio. However if the time is taken to fully explore the site it is clear that there are other ladies to choose from in all areas.

There is a vast amount of text on the site and not many images of the girls which unfortunately is a negative, however once you have finally located the link to show all the escorts, assuming you haven’t left the site already, you are presented with a small gallery of some very beautiful ladies. The written information contained on the home page is reassuring about the quality of ladies they promote and the quick search buttons are a useful tool for visitors who want to easily find the exact type of escort they desire in the location of their choice.

The girls

Professional girlfriends were promoting 13 girls in their entire gallery at the time of this review so this is a fairly small agency. However they do state on their website that they are in the process of recruiting new girls so you should expect their galleries to flourish shortly. Despite the small number of girls, even when a specific location gallery is chosen you will still find that you have a few different ladies to choose from in your local area.

All the girls are all very beautiful and have their own mini image portfolio on each of their profile pages. They also have plenty of other information which will help you make your choice including individual incall and outcall rates, areas covered and other general statistics. There is a reviews section on each of the escorts’ profiles however at the time of writing this review there seemed to be only one escort with any reviews. Reviews from previous clients can be extremely helpful so the lack of these is somewhat disappointing. Each of the escorts has a personal bio section which does give some handy information about each individual lady. These give an insight into each girl’s personality and is a great addition to the site.

Where are they based?

Professional Girlfriends cover a wide geographical area including Leeds, Cheshire and Manchester. They state that they also cover all surrounding areas and suburbs so this is a very wide catchment area and will ensure that regardless of where you stay, you will be able to request an outcall appointment from Professional girlfriends.

What’s the online booking procedure?

There are a variety of different ways to book the escort of your choice which is a great feature with Professional girlfriends. They have location specific emails you can use to book the lady in a particular area. They also have a general online booking form which can be used for all escorts and, of course, a telephone number is available should you prefer to call or even text your requirements.

As always, we would recommend calling direct if your enquiry is for a specific booking just so that you have all the details confirmed and can ask any questions you may have. The personal touch is always the clear winner when booking an escort service.


Prices are very reasonable and in line with other escort agencies. Different prices are allocated depending on the type of escort appointment required and despite the additional costs of travel these do not seem to be passed onto the client – so an added bonus there, especially when you consider the vast area covered.  Prices range from £150 for 1 hour incall to £800 overnight. This is completely reasonable and competitive against other escort agencies in the area.

Visit the guide to find the very best escort agencies in Manchester and the suburbs.

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If it is your first visit to the Professional Girlfriends website you may be forgiven for thinking it was the online presence of a magazine.

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