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Mistress Sheba Domination services review


Mistress Sheba Website

Mistress Sheba Dominatrix in Manchester is an extremely beautiful and professional Mistress who is primarily based in Manchester but provides sessions in London on a monthly basis. Mistress Sheba accepts submissives and slaves to her brand new premises in Manchester which opened in April 2011 to experience her sessions in her new Head's Study, domestic setting, chamber rooms and rubber-medical suite. Most fetishes are catered for and if you have a particular fetish which is not mentioned on the Mistress Sheba web site  her doors are open for you to discuss your needs and tailor a session to suit you personally.

The web site itself is fairly compact in comparison to others and at the time of this review the colours of the site, whilst striking and attention grabbing, do make it difficult to read all the information given.  Mistress Sheba is a young Mistress in her twenties however do not allow her youth to give you a false sense of comfort. Mistress Sheba has a flair for domination and an imagination which will test your limits.  As stated on her website she takes great pleasure in training and owning slaves. These slaves are then paraded at various CFNM (clothes female naked male) parties where they are forced to amuse and entertain both Mistress Sheba and her guests in humiliating and testing ordeals so again, do not be fooled by her tender years as this is all that is tender in Mistress Sheba.


Mistress Sheba has 11 different galleries at the time of writing this review. Each gallery depicts and follows a particular form of fetish through the aid of graphic and exciting images. When clicked, each gallery opens to reveal all the individual images contained therein and will open up into a larger slideshow when clicked. Such fetishes as medical, Rubber, foot fetish and others are all included in these wonderful galleries which will enthrall and excite those who find these fetishes tempting.

Mistress Sheba Services and fetishes

Mistress Sheba states on her site that she offers the following services; Body worship (no pussy / intimate bottom worship), BONDAGE (light to heavy with the use of ropes/chains/cuffs/straps/mummification wrap/body bag (heavy rubber) and vacuum bed, breath play (NO nitrous oxide, etc...), chastity devices, cock and ball torture (CBT), CORPORAL PUNISHMENT (cane/tawse/paddle/strap/slipper/hairbrush/OTK), domestic discipline in my study, electrics & violet wand, foot/stocking/boot/shoe worship, face sitting (clothed) FETISH (foot, panty, rubber, fur, silk and vintage corsetry), humiliation (verbal / physical), MEDICAL PLAY (full examinations, cupping, enemas, needles, electrics, uretheral sounds, catheters, spectulum, staples, violet wand etc...), psychological play, novice training, ROLE PLAY scenarios (headmistress, slave trader, office manager, femme fatale, Head Girl, nurse,...), sensory deprivation, sensual tied and denied, SISSY SLUT sissy slut training, slave training, strap-on training, SWITCH (I have a separate website for this detailing my interests)  trampling (in and out of heels), watersports.  This is not a full list of all services however should you have a fetish for something which is not listed here then a consultation will determine if Mistress Sheba will be happy to indulge you in your fetish fantasy.

Location and prices

Mistress Sheba provides her personal touch in her Chambers in Manchester and London. Full details of her schedule can be found on her blog which is updated regularly. Prices or tributes are not discussed or mentioned anywhere on her site so it is assumed that these things should be addressed at the initial consultation. However do bear in mind that tributes may change depending on the session itself and all that it entails. Each session tribute is tailored to reflect the session itself and is as individual as the services rendered. Always remember to respectfully contact Mistress Sheba and follow the proper etiquette when addressing a professional Mistress.

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